We are a wholesaler of aquarium plants, tropical fish, frozen fish food and live food. We believe and know from experience that the best quality of plants can be found were passion for plants and hard work come together; at the plant nurseries!  That is why we deliver our plants direct from the nurseries at your store, so you always have beautiful fresh plants of top quality in your store. Our company delivers throughout whole U.K. and we make sure our delivery van is in U.K. at least 3 times per month, that way we can guarantee a continuous delivery of your order.

The tropical fish we supply in the U.K. are from Ruinemans B.V. which is established in the Netherlands. We are the sole distributor in U.K. for Ruinemans B.V.

Our main office is established in the Netherlands and because of the Brexit we also have an entity in the U.K. named Aqualine Aquatic Plants Services LTD. We do our business in the U.K. via this entity to ensure our customers have no customs related paperwork hassle.


All orders are personally transported to the U.K. with our van. Depending the area’s you will receive your order personally or via further shipment with APC.

You can expect a personal delivery with our van in the area’s London, Essex and East Anglia.

In the remaining areas of the U.K. we personally ship the order via APC located in Ipswich, on Wednesdays so you can expect the order at your store on Thursdays.



Every Friday you will receive a new updated stock/order list that you can fill in and mail back to us before 5:00 PM on Sunday afternoon.


Your order will be processed on Sunday evening and inspection of the plants and fish will take place on Monday by the relevant authority. After inspection all the paperwork and custom clearance will be arranged on Tuesday


On Wednesday and/or Thursday your order will be delivered.


In case you have any questions or are interested in our services, please contact us by email or phone.

Contact us


Kersengaarde 20, 2771 PP Boskoop, Nederland


+31 6 181 931 87